How to check oracle connection string

Skip to main content. How do I test Oracle connectivity? More Information. Each of these items must be set up correctly for a connection to work.

When connection problems occur, it is best to test each piece of the connection to determine where the problem lies. To use it: 1.

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In the event of a "Connect failed" message, a cause or reason will be included for example, "TNS Connect failed because target host or object does not exist".

An Oracle DBA may need to provide the correct connection information. To use it: Click Startselect Programsand then select the Oracle program folder the name for this folder may vary. If it is, click on it. Click the Connect button. The Select Data Source window appears. Otherwise, an error will occur.

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Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Welcome to Oracle Communities. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. This discussion is archived. Hi, In my form, users have to input username, password and connection string. How to check whether it is valid or not in oracle form? This content has been marked as final. Show 4 replies. What do you mean "check to see if it's valid"?

If an invalid value is entered, login will fail and an error will be presented to the user. If you are creating your own custom login dialog and are trying to determine if the connection was successful or not, you have several options that I can think of off the top of my head: 1. Try a procedure with code similar to this Hi, Users have already login in I want to check whether the input is valid or not. But I do not want to call logon command because it will connect to another user.

Hi, Not sure about your requirement,you could use 1. Regards Mohan. Go to original post.Users initiate a connection request to a database service by providing a connect string. A connect identifier can be the connect descriptor itself or a name that resolves to a connect descriptor. One of the most common connect identifiers is a net service namea simple name for a service.

The following examples demonstrate one connect string that uses a complete connect descriptor as the connect identifier and another connect string that uses net service name sales as the connect identifier. Applications written in 3GL, such as oci and pre-compilers, are used by middle-tier and database application developers for direct database access from a client program. In the preceding connection request, :username and :password are 3GL variables that can be set within the program either statically or by prompting the user.

When net service name is used, connection processing takes place by first mapping sales to the connect descriptor.

Connecting to Oracle Database

This mapped information is stored in one or more repositories of information that are accessed with naming methods. Oracle Database pages. Oracle Database - How to detect read from the temporary tablespace? The Index side effect.

Oracle Database - Connect String (Client Connection Initiation)

Table of Contents 1 - About. A connect string includes: a username and password. The process for establishing a client session with the aid of a naming method is as follows: The client initiates a connect request by providing a connect identifier. The connect identifier is resolved to a connect descriptor by a naming method. This information is returned to the client.

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The client makes the connection request to the address provided in the connect descriptor. A listener receives the request and directs it to the appropriate database server. In God we trustall others must bring data.Table Supported Connection String Attributes. NET connection pooling is enabled and disabled using the Pooling connection string attribute.

By default, connection pooling is enabled. The following are ConnectionString attributes that control the behavior of the connection pooling service:.

The following code opens a connection using ConnectionString attributes related to connection pooling.

how to check oracle connection string

With connection pooling enabled the defaultthe Open and Close methods of the OracleConnection object implicitly use the connection pooling service. In the preceding code, the Open call uses the connection pooling service, which is responsible for returning a connection to the application. Connection pools are created by the connection pooling service using the ConnectionString as a signature to uniquely identify a pool.

how to connect C# with Oracle database

If no pool with the exact attribute values in the ConnectionString exists, the connection pooling service creates a new connection pool. If a pool already exists with the requested signature, a connection is returned to the application from that pool.

When a connection pool is created, the connection-pooling service initially creates the number of connections defined by the Min Pool Size attribute of the ConnectionString.

This number of connections is always maintained by the connection pooling service for the connection pool. The Incr Pool Size attribute of the ConnectionString defines the number of new connections to be created by the connection pooling service when more connections are needed in the connection pool.

When the application closes a connection, the connection pooling service determines whether the connection lifetime has exceeded the Connection Lifetime attribute; if so, the connection pooling service closes the connection; otherwise, the connection goes back to the connection pool.

The connection pooling service only enforces the Connection Lifetime when a connection is going back to the connection pool. The Max Pool Size attribute of the ConnectionString sets the maximum number of connections for a connection pool. If a new connection is requested, no connections are available, and Max Pool Size has been reached, then the connection pooling service waits for the time defined by Connection Timeout. If the Connection Timeout has been reached and there are still no connections available in the pool, the connection pooling service raises an exception indicating that the pooled connection request has timed-out.

The connection pooling service closes connections when they are not used; connections are closed every three minutes. The Decr Pool Size attribute of the ConnectionString provides connection pooling service for the maximum number of connections that can be closed in one run. The Oracle Database can use Windows user login credentials to authenticate database users.

If Password is provided, it is ignored. Oracle allows users' password to expire. NET lets applications handle the password expiration by providing a new method, OpenWithNewPasswordthat opens the connection with a new password. The following code snippet uses the OracleConnection OpenWithNewPassword method to connect with a new password of panther :. In multitier environments, proxy authentication allows control of middle-tier application security by preserving client identities and privileges through all tiers, and by auditing actions taken on behalf of clients.

The proxy authentication feature allows the identity of a user using a Web application to be passed through the application to the database server.

Oracle Database Application Developer's Guide - Fundamentals for details on designing a middle-tier server using proxy users. TAF enables an application connection to automatically reconnect to a database if the connection fails. Active transactions roll back, but the new database connection, made by way of a different node, is identical to the original.

This is true regardless of how the connection fails. With Transparent Application Failover, a client notices no loss of connection as long as there is one instance left serving the application. The database administrator controls which applications run on which instances and also creates a failover order for each application.This chapter explains how databases are identified and how clients access them.

how to check oracle connection string

This chapter contains the following topics:. A database has at least one instance.

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The memory and processes of an instance efficiently manage the associated database's data and serve the database users. Figure shows two database instances, sales and financeassociated with their respective databases and service names.

Instances are identified by an instance namesales and finance in this example. The instance name defaults to the Oracle system identifier SID of the database instance. Some hardware architectures allow multiple computers to share access to data, software, or peripheral devices. Figure shows an Oracle RAC configuration. In this example, two instances, sales1 and sales2are associated with one database service, sales. An Oracle database is represented to clients as a service. A database can have one or more services associated with it.

Figure shows two databases, each with its own database service for clients. One service, sales. Another service, finance.

how to check oracle connection string

The sales and finance databases are each identified by a service namesales. A service name is a logical representation of a database. When an instance starts, it registers itself with a listener using one or more service names. When a client program or database connects to a listener, it requests a connection to a service. A service name can identify multiple database instances, and an instance can belong to multiple services.

For this reason, the listener acts as a mediator between the client and instances and routes the connection request to the appropriate instance. Clients connecting to a service need not specify which instance they require. In the case of sales. Figure shows clients connecting to multiple services associated with one database.

A database administrator can limit or reserve system resources. This level of control enables better allocation of resources to clients requesting one of these services. Oracle Database Administrator's Guide for additional information about initialization parameters. To connect to a database service, clients use a connect descriptor that provides the location of the database and the name of the database service.

The following example is an Easy Connect descriptor that connects to a database service named sales.Table lists the supported connection string attributes. Table Supported Connection String Attributes. Oracle Net Services Name, Connect Descriptor, or an easy connect naming that identifies the database to which to connect. Number of connections that are closed when an excessive amount of established connections are unused. Enables ODP. NET connection pool to proactively remove connections from the pool when an Oracle RAC service, service member, or node goes down.

NET connection pool to balance work requests across Oracle RAC instances based on the load balancing advisory and service goal. Statement cache enabled and cache size, that is, the maximum number of statements that can be cached.

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The following example shows a connect descriptor mapped to a TNS alias called sales in the tnsnames. NET also allows applications to connect without the use of the tnsnames. To do so, the entire connect descriptor can be used as the "data source". The easy connect naming method enables clients to connect to a database without any configuration.

With this enabled, ODP. NET allows applications to specify the "Data Source" attribute in the form of:. NET connection pooling is enabled and disabled using the Pooling connection string attribute. By default, connection pooling is enabled. The following are ConnectionString attributes that control the behavior of the connection pooling service:.

Connection Pooling Example. The following example opens a connection using ConnectionString attributes related to connection pooling. When connection pooling is enabled the defaultthe Open and Close methods of the OracleConnection object implicitly use the connection pooling service, which is responsible for pooling and returning connections to the application.

The connection pooling service creates connection pools by using the ConnectionString property as a signature, to uniquely identify a pool.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

I am new to Oracle DB and have created a new Oracle 12c database. If you find that your TNS is configured correctly, then the error message you provided may also indicate that your Database was not registered to the Listener. You should see a "listener. Sometimes again I'm a bit cloudy with Oracle on Windows the listener.

If you have installed it on same machine on which you are running sql-developer then host: Learn more. How to find Oracle database connection details Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 9 months ago. Active 1 year, 9 months ago. Viewed 10k times.

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The documentation has excellent details on connecting to the database. Did you read it, try it out and then face a problem? I read the documentation but it has information to connect to DB with connection details. Active Oldest Votes. You really need to give more info if you need help : What Server are you using?

This will contain your SID. Greek God Greek God 88 6 6 bronze badges. I am using Windows. Found the file tnsnames. Great, try instructions provided, and also give info on files I requested, try pastebin. I'll have a look, and see if I can help.

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