Lua if statement

Statements are pieces of code that can be executed and that contain an instruction and expressions to use with it. Some statements will also contain code inside of themselves that may, for example, be run under certain conditions.

Dissimilarly to expressions, they can be put directly in code and will execute. Lua has few instructions, but these instructions, combined with other instructions and with complex expressions, give a good amount of control and flexibility to the user.

Programmers frequently need to be able to store values in the memory to be able to use them later.

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This is done using variables. Variables are references to a value which is stored in the computer's memory. They can be used to access a number later after storing it in the memory. Assignment is the instruction that is used to assign a value to a variable. It consists of the name of the variable the value should be stored in, an equal sign, and the value that should be stored in the variable:. As demonstrated in the above code, the value of a variable can be accessed by putting the variable's name where the value should be accessed.

Note that literal strings should be enclosed in quotation marks to distinguish them from variable names:. Note that numeric values do not need to be enclosed in quotation marks and cannot be misinterpreted as a variable name, because variable names cannot begin with a numeral:. Identifiersin Lua, are also called names.

They can be any text composed of letters, digits, and underscores and not beginning with a digit. They are used to name variables and table fields, which will be covered in the chapter about tables. Also, the following keywords are reserved by Lua and can not be used as names: andendinrepeatbreakfalselocalreturndofornilthenelsefunctionnottrueelseififoruntilwhile. When naming a variable or a table field, you must choose a valid name for it. It must therefore start with a letter or an underscore and only contain letters, underscores and digits.

Note that Lua is case sensitive. This means that Hello and hello are two different names. The scope of a variable is the region of the code of the program where that variable is meaningful.

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The examples of variables you have seen before are all examples of global variables, variables which can be accessed from anywhere in the program. Local variables, on the other hand, can only be used from the region of the program in which they were defined and in regions of the program that are located inside that region of the program. They are created exactly in the same way as global variables, but they must be prefixed with the local keyword.

The do statement will be used to describe them.Conditional structures allow scripts to perform actions when specific conditions are met. These conditions can be checked with the relational operators summarized here:. The basic if — then statement executes a block of code if a specific condition is true. For instance:. Adding an elseif — then statement to an if — then structure lets you check if alternative conditions are true, assuming the preceding conditions are false.

lua if statement

Lua will go from top to bottom, stop at the first true condition it encounters, and execute its block of code. Finishing a conditional structure with else lets you execute a block of code if none of its preceding conditions evaluate to true. Conditional loops let you execute specific code while a condition is true, or repeat code until a condition becomes true. The while — do loop evaluates if a condition is true or false. If false, the loop ends and the code following it continues to execute.

A repeat — until loop repeats until a certain condition is met. Note that the code between repeat and until is executed at least once because the conditional test is performed afterward. To avoid repetitive conditional tests in a sequence, use the logical operators and and or to perform multi-condition tests.

For example, the following structure tests that two conditions are true:. Logical operators can also be combined to perform more complex logical tests. For instance, the following code checks whether two conditions are true or a third condition is true:. The not operator can also test for the opposite of an entire multi-condition statement. This Platform uses cookies to offer you a better experience, to personalize content, to provide social media features and to analyse the traffic on our site.

Using an If Statement

For further information, including information on how to prevent or manage the use of cookies on this Platform, please refer to our Privacy and Cookie Policy. Collapse Sidebar Tutorials All Content. Coding and Scripts. Studio Basics. User Interface. Hide content Show content Content. Two plus three is five. Copy Code Light Theme. Code Sample Expected Output Expand. Elseif Example Expected Output Expand. Conditional Loops Conditional loops let you execute specific code while a condition is true, or repeat code until a condition becomes true.

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Using Logical Operators Multi-Condition Tests To avoid repetitive conditional tests in a sequence, use the logical operators and and or to perform multi-condition tests. We have spaghetti dinner! We have either spaghetti dinner OR garlic bread! Spawn more goblins!We have over books in our library. Books covering Lua are listed here and when you've selected a relevant book we'll link you on to Amazon to order.

Garry's Mod Lua Tutorial - Part 10 - HUD Painting Health bar

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lua if statement

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lua if statement

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More on Conditionals and loops. The Mouth.This section of the tutorial will show you how to make your code react differently based on conditions of your choosing. The first thing I want to teach you is the "if" statement. This statement is a very basic, direct order to lua.

This can be really useful in creating your own scripts. This is a simple if statement:. Local just means that the variable will only exist within the control structure. In this case the if statement. Condition has to be true to run the code block after it. A code block is code that only runs under certain conditions. In this case, the code block runs if the condition is true. Else is used to define the opposite of the condition, so if a condition is true, then else would tell it to execute the following code, a good usage of else is shown below.

The above example checks if the variable "age" is 20, if this is true, then it prints to console "You're 20! You can also use! The "greater than" condition is true if the thing on the left is more than the thing on the right. The "less than or equal" condition is true if the thing on the left is less or equal to the thing on the right. The "greater than or equal" condition is true if the thing on the left is more or equal to the thing on the right.

lua if statement

This is a lot for first time Lua scripters, however, if you practice enough with using Conditionals, you will get the hang of it eventually. Last, I want to show you how to do else if. Else if is used to say, basically, "If it's not that, then if This is more precise than using else, but else if is NOT effective all the time.

What this script is doing is trying to figure out if you can go to high school. If you're not under 15, and you're not over 18, then you can come in. Give it a try yourself. Try writing a simple if statement in notepad. If you need help just look at the examples in here. Start with the simple ones and work up. Back to Lua Tutorial Series.

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Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I'm just starting out using Lua, and I was wondering because I can't find it on the website if Lua has a OR operator, like how in other languages there is :.

Lua Programming/Statements

Learn more. Does Lua have OR comparisons? Ask Question. Asked 8 years, 3 months ago. Active 8 years, 3 months ago.

Viewed 54k times. Polyov Polyov 2, 2 2 gold badges 22 22 silver badges 36 36 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. With "or". Alexander Gladysh Puppy Puppy k 29 29 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Lua does not have an operator!

Fixed the example in answer. Coding in one language, answering in another, inevitably leads to mistakes. It should be noted that in Lua, an "or" expression does not necessarily return a boolean value. It returns the first argument without even executing the second one if its value is not false or nil. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown.

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Lua - if...else statement

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