Why is my 4g lte so slow t mobile 2019

Enter the password when prompted. How to connect to Wi-Fi in your Chevrolet. How to connect to Wi-Fi in your Buick. How to connect to Wi-Fi in your Cadillac. Our stronger signal means you have a fast and reliable connection. When you are in areas where coverage fluctuates, performance may be impacted. View the coverage map. Services vary by model. Service plan required. Does not include emergency or security services. Check here for details and limitations.

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Why is my LTE speed so very slow?

Unlimited Access Plan does not include emergency or security services. Not all vehicles may transmit all crash data. Roadside services provided by Allstate Roadside Services for vehicles only.

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Additional messaging and data rates may apply.Are you ready for the Galaxy S20? Here is everything we know so far! It all depends on location and what hrisjdurden and alfick are saying is corret.

I have wifi at both so I don't use data as much.

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But, I'm glad I switched. I'm near Wrigley in Chicago. Needless to say it's always congested here, and all over the city. I've never had a single issue with my service. She's on the 60 unlimited like me. The rep that sold us the plans never said speeds would be slowed down. We pay for unlimited, not "unlimited to a certain limit".

Metropcs 4g LTE seems slow. Is it throttled?

PRS likes this. Jack, my buddy and I have the unlimited and he always uses over gb each month, no slow down at all. I don't use anything close to that, but never a problem. Sept Android Enthusiast. Its on the Metro page, Everyone is prioritized below Tmobile, use over 25 GB a month on busy towers, get de-prioritized even below other Metro users.

Depends on how many people are on your tower. I can tell at certain times of day there is a slowdown from the prioritization below T-Mobile lines. I really notice it at the Airport. Most Airports are super busy when everyone arrives at the same time. Last week data was almost unusable. Happy so far but disappointed when data is slower then 56k modem during busy airport times.My download speed is from 0. I have full bars and I see the 4g symbol on my phone.

I do live around a lot of mountains but when I first got my phone it was giving me around 1to 2 mgb download and 1 to 2 mgb upload. Then a week or 2 later it started getting ridiculously slow which is where i'm at now.

Is there a reason why and can I fix this.

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My zip code is And my phone is all up to date with the access point setting and the software. I tried turning my phone off then on and it still didn't work. Should I take out the sim card and put it back in? After your 5gb ends they put you on edge or 3g which is slow. You should keep an eye on your usage when it ends then it will be very slow. I used to work for T-Mobile as technical support. There's no simple answer, so I have some followup questions: 1.

If it only happens within a 7-mile area, it is location specific. Does it happen everywhere you go?

why is my 4g lte so slow t mobile 2019

Do you have any apps downloaded to it? Why is t mobile 4g data speed so slow? Why does my high speed cellular data go fast only when I'm on the phone? Why my internet works slow on my boost mobile nokia ? An icon on my Nokia Lumia indicates a high-speed data connection is open - do I need to leave it open? I'm using Nokia Lumia What is the minimum data speed required to use youtube?Prior to that the internet was good but since then doing basic like checking emails or sending messages would take forever or would fail due to connection issue.

I think there is a network or tower issue that is causing the slow speeds. Is there a network issue in my area? Is it being worked on? If so is there an ETA of when it will be fixed? Well the only reason your speeds out of nowhere got really slow is that they are working with the towers or that there is some backhoul issue with some towers. Did you reported it to t mobile customer support they will tell you if there is an outage or just modernization going on.

Ah, that's shame but we wanna get this working for you. What phone are you using? If this is only happening at work, the next step may be having a Service Complaint filed to have the service looked at in your area.

I am using an iphone 8. I have called and filed complaints about the issue. However I noticed a few times I thought the speed was fixed and I was connected to a better tower with more reception on my lte and was speedtesting at mbps but then I got kicked off that network to the slower one with less bars and no lte connection.

Also it is only in my office that this is happening when I step to other areas of the building the speed is fine or when I go outside my building it is also fine.

We certainly don't want you to switch.

T-Mobile will slow down your ‘unlimited’ LTE data in some circumstances – here are the details

When was the last ticket you filed? Did you get any updates on it? I have the same issue here where I live in Southern California. Not for 3 years though! Every evening the speeds go down to less than 1mps and i get the tower upgrade story too. I haven't called lately because this is an issue in so many places out here that the phone is useless for part of every day. As soon as i get close to paying off the bogo deal I took, i'm switching.

Very disappointing. Yesterday I had. At best we get 2mbs down and. Called Tmobile multiple times did network reset. T-Mobile Network is very very slow. It does not work. We have T-mobile one plan with unlimited data, text and calls but it's useless. Internet does not work. We have to find the wifi to connect to internet.

After paying for 4 lines with unlimited data plan that is very important it does not work due to the T-mobile network unreliability. T-Mobile needs to fix its network problem before providing data services to customers. It's very frustrating.

Or at least point me in the right direction.


I just upgraded my phone to the new iPhone 11 previously had an iPhone 7 Plus. But then I noticed really bad service issues.Hi, this is my 1st time posting this forum. I recently moved to a new place in California zip code where, in T-Mobile coverage map, I'm supposed to get "Good" coverage. However, average download speed on 4G LTE is less than 0.

Often see around 0. It's unusable. Can't even refresh Gmail app often times. So I called the T-Mobile customer service. However, on the new phone the result is same. So after my billing cycle refresh 14th of September, it'll be fast again. Even on the month I used gb i never experienced data speed this slow. So I checked data speed on my wife's phone, on which she had only used about 20gb of data, so it's still prioritized.

why is my 4g lte so slow t mobile 2019

The result is same. Couldn't even reach 0. I even went to T-Mobile shop close by and ask one of the clerks to test the speed on their phone, same result. Very slow. Not usable. Everything T-Mobile reps say seems excuses and BS. I know it doesn't apply to all the reps but as far as the ones I talked to.

They don't try to solve my problem but just make up a reason to justify themselves. I'm paying for 4G LTE data speed. This is not acceptable.

why is my 4g lte so slow t mobile 2019

Can anyone here help me with this problem? My plan is T-Mobile One Plus. Phone is Google Pixel 3A. My zip code is I went through network reset. That did nothing. I do get fast data speed at my old place and other areas.

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Or should I seriously consider changing the carrier to Verizon? Obviously if your phone works in some areas but not the area where you need service - pay the big bucks and switch carriers. It definitely sounds like some congestion in that area I just took a look at the map and there are multiple sites undergoing upgrades.

I know this does not help you in the interim and while we would be incredibly sad to see you go, we definitely do not want you to have to stay with a service that does not work where you need it the most. Can you give me the address of the tower? Because, like I wrote earlier, the first rep told me this area is covered by mhz already and that's why I bought a new phone. I don't know what to believe.Wed, Mar 14, PM. To get them to load i have to switch to 4G which is ridiculous considering at 4G videos barely play without load time.

If this is the case how is plus giving me faster speeds than the choice plan? I have the Iphone X so i don't think it is a phone issue since i just got it when i signed up. Please help.

Thank You. Experiencing slow speeds can cause a hindrance in service, especially when you are trying to view web pages.

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I will be delighted to provide you some options to resolve this concern! Thank you for sharing details. After further research, I was able to identify some troubleshooting steps, which are effective in fixing this problem. The first thing you will want to do is reset the Network Settings. To do this task, please follow the steps below:. Still need help? Ask a question! Our 1. I perform a network setting reset regularly and even upgraded my plan, all in hopes to improve my speed.

I had to buy a new device to go to ATT because I had heard good things but my experience has been less than satisfactory. I had the old unlimited plan. But the new unlimited plan gets your consent for lower speeds.

Same location. They are losing customers like crazy. Their stock is at its lowest in the past 10 years.Tue, Jan 20, PM. My replies are based on experience and reading content available on the website. If you posted personal information, please edit and remove. They said a lot of people in my area had to get these mini-towers to maintain older phone 3G connections. I asked to speak to customer retention, explained what I was told and they shipped me that mini-tower that broadcasts the wireless signal thru my internet connection.

Speeds return to normal at the beginning of the next billing cycle. Post a new question here on the forums by clicking the "Ask a Question" button. I used to get Mbs downlink speed in the UCFarea a few years ago - now its utterly horrible!!! I've sent the ATTCares Twitter account multiple direct messages and every time, a different person responds with no assistance whatsoever. Their offical response was that the network was crowded.

They unoffically were admitting that they cannot handle the capacity and cannot provide the bandwidth. When I'm at work, I force my phone to 3G mode, just so I can browse the internet.

I'm guessing that since everyone is on 4G now, 3G is much less crowded. I asked them if they had any plans to upgrade their system to accommodate the additoinal demand - and was basically told no.

Since I am paying for service I can't use 4G is basically unusable other than making phone calls and recieving textsmy wife and I are going to switch to Verizon. Its no better out here in Southern California. I may have to port my lines if this keeps up. Let's see, you work near a college and school is just starting up again. My bet is that the network is jsut staurated with many moer new devices that haven't been there all summer, and their family and friends helping them move in.

Have you ever tried to use your cell phone around any major sporting event? You would see the same thing there, when you suddenly cram 20, additional people into a small area, especially if many of them are new to the area and are using their maps to find their way around Try turning off LTE. I live in Seattle. Wireless Forum. Network Coverage. Why is my LTE speed so very Why is my LTE speed so very slow? Nowadays I can't even crack.

I've called and complained in the past, and that also does nothing. My signal strength is relatively good for LTE - about db. But I can never crack more than 1 Mbs it seems Short of jumping ship once my wife's contact expires, I'm at my wits end as to what to do!

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